Thursday, November 14, 2019

Collective nouns

It is important to learn collective nouns. It’s confusing to learn them sometimes due to two main reasons:
1.    One object may have various collective noun names
Example: For fish, we have school/shoal/run/haul/draught/catch
2.    Various objects may have the same collective noun names
Example: Ants, soldiers, caterpillars have the same collective ‘army’

Here is a list to know by middle school


A colony of ants
An army of ants (marching together)
A flock of birds
A flight of birds (flying together)
A flock of sheep
A herd of cattle/goats/buffaloes/cows
A hive of bees
A swarm of bees (flying together)
A litter of cubs/ puppies/kittens
A host of sparrows
A team/stable of horses
A pride of lions
A pack of wolves/dogs/hounds
A clutter of Cats
A Team of Ducks (when flying)
A Paddling of Ducks (when on water)
A Sleuth of Bears
A Knot of frogs/toads
A murder of crows
A flamboyance of flamingos
A smack of jellyfish
A shrewdness of apes
A troop/barrel of monkeys
A tribe of goats
A bloat of hippopotami
A congress of baboons
A convocation of eagles
A parliament of owls
A pod of dolphins
An intrusion of cockroaches
A caravan/train of camels (moving together)
A herd of camels
A hide of tigers
An ambush of tigers
A school of fish (single species moving together)
A catch of fish (caught for consumption as food)
A haul of fish (caught using nets)
A shoal of fish ( fish living together)
A coalition of cheetahs
A brood of hens
A family/cartload of chimpanzees
A bask/bank of crocodiles
A band/troop of gorillas
A mob of kangaroos
A nest/colony of mice
A consortium of octopuses
A bed/knot/pit/slither of snakes
A pod of whales
A herd of zebras /elephants/ deer
A congregation of alligators


A class of students
A choir of singers
A crew of sailors
A band of musicians
A bunch of crooks
A crowd of people/spectators
A team of players
A troupe of artists/dancers
A pack/gang of thieves
A staff of employees
A regiment/army of soldiers
A tribe of natives
An audience of listeners
A panel of experts
A gang of laborers
A flock of tourists
A board of directors
A squad/posse of policemen
A cast of actors
A bevy of beauties
A gaggle/riot of comedians
A wisdom of grandparents
A scoop of journalists
A bench/sentence of judges
A pantheon of gods
A quiz of teachers
A delegation of ambassadors
A doctrine of doctors
A giggle of girls
A bevy of girls (dressed beautifully)
A persistence of parents
An equivocation of politicians


A group of islands
A galaxy of stars
A wad of notes
A stack of wood
A fleet of ships
A string of pearls
An album of stamps/autographs/photographs
A hedge of bushes
A library of books
A basket of fruit
A bowl of rice
A pair of shoes
A bouquet of flowers
A bunch of keys
A chest of drawers
A pack of lies
A range of mountains
A cloud of dust
A deck of cards
A quiver of Arrows
A stand of saplings
A fleet of cars (parked/stationed)
A convoy of cars (going somewhere together)
A series of events
A row of apartments
An anthology of poems
An atlas of maps
A belt of asteroids
A bunch of grapes/bananas
A grove of trees (that form a continuous canopy and give shade)
A forest of trees (large group of trees in a very large area)
A stand of trees (one species of trees)
An orchard of trees (fruit or nut trees planted for commercial purposes)
A clump of trees (small group different species)
A plantation of trees (large group grown to be cut down for wood)
A heap of trash
A schedule of activities
A bushel of apples
A museum of art
An outfit of clothes
A bundle of clothes (soiled/dirty)
A basket/bowl of fruits
A suite of furniture
A lock/tuft of hair
A flight of stairs
A fleet of vessels
A basket/tray of vegetables

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