Wednesday, May 16, 2012

step #3: the CVC words

CVC words are very good way to teach word reading and spellings. few points to keep in mind while teaching CVC words are:

  1. when you are teaching 3 letter CVC words, start with the a-words, then o-words, then i-words, then e-words and then u-words.
  2. start with the '-at' words, as most of the words falling in this category are well known by children already (cat, bat, mat, rat, sat, hat, fat, pat)
  3. go by "end sounds" first and then add the "first sound". for example, when teaching 'bat', say a-t at, b-a-t bat and not b-a ba, b-a-t bat, because the sound of b-a varies with words(as in ball- औ  , bar -आ ), while a-t remains 'at' mostly(as in cat, fat, hat).
  4. then go for other a-CVC words. like -an, -am, -ag, -ad, -ab, -ap, -ax units . do not use the -ar, -aw, -ay, -as units as the sound of 'a' is different in these.teach these latter sounds later
  5.  then go for o-CVC words (starting with the t-ending ones firs, like cot, got, hot, and then moving on to cob, god, mop, for, etc)
  6. then go for i-CVC words like hit, fit, bib, hid, lid, pin, etc. do not teach the r-ending ones like sir, as the sound of 'i' in sir is अ and not इ 
  7. then go for  e-CVC words, like  gem, hen, den, pet, bed, web, beg, etc and not the ones ending with r and w, like her, dew, mew, as the sounds of 'e' in the latter words are different (अ and इउ )than the one we are teaching in the beginning days (ए).
  8. then go for u-CVC words, like but, cut, hut, nut, rut, gut, and not put, as put has another sound of 'u' (उ) may teach this exception-word later

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