Tuesday, August 14, 2012

step#16: homophones

make way!! here come homophones, something that tickles the funny bone of a student.

homophones mean similar sounding. there are many words in English that have different spellings but are sounded identically. they are different words, and thus have different spellings.

there are many homophone words that can be taught to a first-grader. some of them are:

  1. sun-son
  2. boy-buoy
  3. cot-caught
  4. flew-flu
  5. which-witch
  6. wood-would
  7. dear-deer
  8. blew-blue
  9. board-bored
  10. chews-choose
  11. chilli-chilly
  12. desert- dessert
  13. flea-flee
  14. weigh-way
  15. weak-week
  16. stare-stair
  17. hair- hare
  18. knot-not
  19. knead- need
  20. knight- night
  21. mail- male
  22. meet- meat
  23. plain- plane
  24. root-route
  25. see-sea
  26. I-eye
  27. tail-tale
  28. two-too
best method will be to have pictures for all the words, so that the child retains better.once you have taught all these, practice. first you may practice by showing a picture and asking the child which of the two homophones will fit there. or, you may show the word and show two pictures asking him which picture describes the word better. later, you may say an incomplete sentence and ask the child which of the two homophones will fit there. for example, "i can ____ an elephant (see/sea)"

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