Saturday, August 4, 2012

step#14: short and long sounds

Children often get confused with the length of the mid vowel sound. sometimes with different lengths, different words are formed. to make it more complicated, in many such cases, they both are written in similar way in Hindi. for example, pen and pain. pen has a short ए sound while pain has the long ए sound (the way you say the alphabet A), and both pen and pain are written as पेन in Hindi. with such confusions in mind, children end up writing (if not saying), "i need my pain to write", or "i have pen in my leg"

to avoid such confusions, it is very important to teach short and long sounds of the middle vowels. you may use column method to teach this concept. (write the short sound word in first column, invite the child to think of the corresponding long sound word and then you write it the second column)

some of the short/long sound words at this level are:

  1. bit-beat
  2. chit-cheat
  3. sit-seat
  4. fit-feet
  5. wit-wheat
  6. hit-heat
  7. it-eat
  8. bin-been
  9. sin-seen
  10. kin-keen
  11. grin-green
  12. win-wean
  13. bid-bead
  14. did-deed
  15. lid-lead
  16. pill-peel
  17. hill-heal
  18. fill-feel
  19. mill-meal
  20. still-steal
  21. pen-pain
  22. men-main
  23. pent-paint
  24. sent-saint
  25. live-leave
  26. sick-seek
  27. pick- peek
  28. bet-bait
  29. met-mate
  30. let-late
  31. get-gate
  32. wet-wait
  33. hell-hail
  34. well-wail
  35. gel-jail
  36. tell-tail
  37. bell- bail
  38. sell- said
  39. red-raid
  40. wed-wade

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