Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Activities to improve sequential skills

some children find it difficult to follow multiple instructions or understand spellings, as their skill of following sequence is not adequately developed. in some cases it may require occupational therapy, while in many, it may simply need a positive trigger from your side. here is a list of few activities that you may do with your child to enhance his/her sequential skills:

1.      Picture pattern (set of alternating pictures given, child has to guess which picture comes in the end. Eg. Circle-square-circle-square-circle-____________)

2.      Number  pattern (set of alternating numbers  given, child has to guess which number comes in the end. Eg 1-4-1-4-1-4-_________)

3.      Alphabet  pattern (set of alternating alphabet  given, child has to guess which alphabet comes in the end. Eg. A-P-A-P-A-_____)

4.      Sequencing pictures (what comes first, what comes next. for example get up, brush teeth, eat breakfast)

5.      Sequencing numbers (ascending order, descending order)

6.      Sequencing alphabets (ascending order, descending order)

7.      Unscramble 3 letter words to make meaningful ones (TAC, NAV, ABD, DAL, etc)

8.      Auditory word memory (you say 2 words in an alternating manner for 5-6 times and stop at any one word. Child has to say the other word )

9.      Digit span (you say 4-5 numbers at the beat of 1 number per second. Once you finish, child has to repeat. Eg. You say 4, 7, 2, 9. Ask the child to repeat)

10.  Unscramble story (oral exercise)- you say 3 sentences in a jumbled manners. Child has to rearrange the sentences in such a way that they say a story (eg. I brush my teeth, I eat my breakfast, I get up)
11. action-reaction pictures (pictures of dirty clothes-washing machine-clean clothes or pictures of clean canvas-paints-painting can be put in a certain way only)

12. life cycle picture cards (egg-chick- hen or baby-child-man or egg-tadpole-frog etc)

13. join the dots (especially the numbers or alphabets) to make pictures

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