Friday, July 27, 2012

step # 12 : clusters

once children know the basic units, next comes the concept of clusters. clusters means 3 consonants sounded together. for example, str (स्टर) in words like string, strip, strong.
some of the clusters that can be taught are:

STR  (स्ट्र )              strain, string, strong, strand

SCR (स्क्र )             screw, scram, scramble, scratch

SPR (सप्र )              sprain, spring, sprout, spray

SPL   (स्प्ल )           splash, splendid

SCH (स्क )              school, schedule

SHR  (श्र )                shrink, shrub

THR (थ्र )                thrive, thrust, throw

CHR  (क्र )               Christ, Christian, chronic

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