Thursday, July 26, 2012

step#4: consonant blends

when 2 consonants come together, they form a blend. blend are of 2 types- pairs and diagraphs. in consonant pairs, the sounds of both consonants can be heard, for example, PR is a consonant pair where the sound of P(प) and R(र) are both sounded . in consonant diagraphs, the sounds of both consonants blend and only one sound can be heard.for example, PH is a consonant diagraph where the sound of P and H have one sound फ.

when the child has been taught CVC words, the next step is to teach these blends. then the child can be taught the CCVC  words like brat, chat, shed, when, then, that, glad, flip, slip, stop etc.

some of the blends and their CCVC words are:

  1. br: brag, brat
  2. bl: blot, bled
  3. cl: clot, clip
  4. cr: crop
  5. ch: chip, chap
  6. dr: drag
  7. fr: frog
  8. fl: flip, flop
  9. gr: grip
  10. gl: glad
  11. pr: prod, pram, pray
  12. pl: plod, plum
  13. st: stop
  14. sc: scam
  15. sk: skin
  16. sl: slip, slap
  17. sm: smug
  18. sn: snap, snow
  19. sp: spit, spat
  20. sw: swat
  21. tr: trip
  22. th: that
  23. wh: when, what

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