Thursday, July 26, 2012

step#6: simple units- 1

once you have taught CVC words and consonant blends, its time for units.

the end sounds of words are generally called "units". if you teach units first, the whole idea of word learning becomes easy. for example, when you teach "a-k-e ake" and then the child can add l, m, c to make lake make cake etc by himself

take simple units to begin with. the simple ones are called VCV units. you teach the sound of VCV and the child will need to add single consonants, blends or clusters to make words.

1. start with the a-units like ate, abe, ace, ade, age, ale, ake, ame, ane, ape, ase, are, ave, aze. take 1 unit at a time, if you feel more than that will over-burden the child. the best way to teach a unit is to write the unit on a blackboard/paper/whiteboard and ask the child to give you words that end with that unit sound. write down the words that the child gives. so the words that you might get, for example for ake unit, are bake, cake, fake, lake, brake, shake etc.
Teach ace, ase, age, aze together, as the end sounds are quite similar. so for these 4 units, make four columns, and write one unit in each column. then ask the child to give you words. write down the words in respective columns. keep this sheet for reference and stick it on wall somewhere. this comes handy when the child gets confused whether daze ends with aze or ase or age.

2. next is i-units like ibe, ice, ide, ife, ike, ile, ime, ine, ipe, ire, ise, ite, ive. teach in the same manner as you taught the a-units. here teach ice and ise together using column method. 

3. next is 0-units like obe, ode, oke, ole, ome, one, ope, ore, ote, ose, ove, oze. teaching methods remains the same. here, teach ose, oze together using column method. also, here one unit has 2 sounds अन and ओन. teach the ओन sound first and then the exception sound of one as अन as in words none, done. also, ome unit again has 2 sounds अम  and ओम. teach the ओम sound first, as in home, dome, and then the exception sound of ome as अम as in words come, some. 

4. next is u-units like ube, ude, uge, uke, ule, ume, une, upe, ure, use, ute,. teaching methods remain the same. here, teach uge use together, using column method.

5. and next is e-units. not many pre-school words ending with e-consonant-e. so the list will be quite small. some of the words that you may teach here are 'were, here, there, mere, where'.

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