Thursday, July 26, 2012

step #5: more about blends

practise blends more. write the blends on paper/blackboard. sound them together. invite the child to come up with words he can think of with that sound. write with thick chalk on board. if you are writing on a paper, you may save it for reference. the expected words from our little preschoolers for the blends are:

  1. BL:  black, blue, blast, block, blood etc
  2. BR: brown, bright, brick, broom, break, brake, bread, broccoli, broken, etc
  3. CL:  cloud, clay, clown, clever, class, clap, cloth, clot, clear, clinic, clip, club etc
  4. CR: crow, crown, crab, craft, crack, cricket, cranky, crowd, crap etc 
  5. CH( क): chord, chorus
  6. CH (च): chalk, chips, chew, chain, chart, chair, cheek, chin, chest, chick, chicken, chit, chat, chilled, cheetah, cheese, chop, etc
  7. DR: dry, drum, dress, drop, drip, drawer, draw, dream, drill, dragon etc
  8. FL: fly, flute, flag, flame, flop, flip, flower, flamingo etc
  9. FR: fruit, friend, fridge, fry, frock, etc
  10. GL: glow, glue, glad, glass, globe, etc
  11. GR: grass, grow, green, gray, group, grab, grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, grapes, grapefruit, grade, grill, gram, grizzly bear, grasshopper, gravy, great, etc
  12. GH: ghost
  13. PR: practice, pray, prayer, prune, prick, pretty, etc
  14. PL: play, plastic, plum, pluck, please, etc
  15. PH: phone etc
  16. SC: scooter, scan, etc
  17. SK: skin, sketching, skull etc
  18. SH: ship, shop, shell, shore, she, should etc
  19. SL: slap, slow, sleep, slim, slip, slide, slab, slouch, etc
  20. SM: smart etc
  21. SN:snow, snore, sneakers, etc
  22. SP:speak, spoon, special, speed, sparrow, speaker, etc
  23. ST: stool, stand, stairs, stem, step, stack, steering, etc
  24. SW: sweater, sweat etc
  25.  TR: train, trick, tram, truck, trip, trap, etc
  26. TH (थ ): thirsty, thumb, thick, thin, etc
  27. TH (द ): the, they, then, there, that, them, than etc
  28. TW : twig, twist, etc
  29. WH (ह ): who etc
  30. WH (व ): where, what, when, what, why, whistle, wheel etc
  31. WR: wrist, wristwatch, etc

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