Thursday, July 26, 2012

step #8: simple units-2 (doubles)

once the child is comfortable with VCV units, its time to introduce the VCC units. the words of these units end with a vowel to be followed by 2 consonants. the last 2 consonants may be same or different. for example, same CC as in hall and different CC as in halt

the same CC units are called doubles and are easy to learn.

some of them are:
  1. ALL (ऑल ): ball, call, fall, hall, mall, tall, wall, stall, small, 
  2. ELL (एल ): bell, cell, fell, hell, tell, sell, well, smell, swell, shell, dwell
  3. ILL (इल ): bill, fill, hill, mill, pill, till, will, still, chill, drill, skill, frill, thrill
  4. OLL (ओल ): roll, poll
  5. OLL (ऑल ): doll
  6. ULL (अल ): dull, skull, mull, null, gull
  7. ULL (उल ): full, pull, bull
  8. AFF (ऍफ़ ): staff
  9. IFF (इफ ): stiff, cliff
  10. UFF (अफ ): bluff, buff, cuff, stuff, puff
  11. ASS (ऐस ): class, crass, grass, glass, pass, mass, 
  12. ISS (इस ): kiss, miss, bliss
  13. OSS (ऑस ): moss, floss, gross, boss

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