Friday, July 27, 2012

step#11: simple units-2 (different CC)- the R effect

the R influenced units. R is not sounded. there is just a twist in the consonant following it.

URD unit:(अर्ड ) curd

IRD unit:(अर्ड ) bird

ARD unit:(आर्ड ) card, hard

ORD unit (ऑर्ड ): lord, cord

ARK unit (आर्क ): park, bark

ORK unit (ओर्क ): fork, pork

ARM unit(आर्म ): farm, harm, alarm

ORM unit (ऑर्म ): storm, form

ERM unit (अर्म ): germ

ARN unit (आर्न ): barn

ORN unit (ऑर्न ): horn, thorn

URN unit (अर्न ): turn, churn

ARP unit (आर्प ): sharp

URP unit (अर्प ): burp

IRP unit (अर्प ): chirp

ART unit (आर्ट ): cart, mart, part, chart

IRT unit (अर्ट ): dirt, shirt

ORT unit(ऑर्ट ): short, sort

ORT unit (ओर्ट ): port, fort

URT unit (अर्ट ): hurt,

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